Custom Metal Roofing Built To Last

Are you looking for a long-lasting, elegant roof that will withstand years of varying temperature, sunlight, rain, fog, wind and average seasonal debris? David Rodarmel, Inc. designs and installs custom sheet metal roofing that is built to last. We stand behind our workmanship. Our metal roof finishes are warranted up to 35 years — and 24 gauge metal panels may last much longer.

We work with our clients to design a roof that will not only help protect the investment in your home for years to come, it will provide elegant curb appeal. A roof is ax exteriour focal point of any home or commercial property. A well-chosen and designed metal roof will enhance the look and feel of the structure for years to come.

Our custom sheet metal roofing comes in various shapes, sizes and color options that compliment the look and style of any structure.

Sheet metal roofing can mimic the look and feel of tile roofs to flatter a Spanish-inspired stucco home or commercial structure.

We also make custom sheet metal siding for residential and commercial buildings.

Custom Metal Roofs

The following series of photos shows a recent custom metal roof we designed and built for a home in Santa Rosa, California. This home was rebuilt after the Santa Rosa fires of 2017.

For information about how David Rodarmel Roofing can help you with your home or business construction projects, please contact us.